Tuscany cuisine
Tuscany antipasto
Very common throughout Tuscany, this hors-d’oeuvre is served with cold meats, croutons and often mixed cheeses. Typical of the area is the finocchiona: big salami flavored with fennel seeds.

Black Crostini
Small slices of toasted bread on which lies a tasty chicken liver pate.

Dish made of bread and cooked vegetables (cabbage, beans, potatoes, celery, carrots, etc..), it is a nutritious and delicious first course.

Pappa col pomodoro
Tasty and colourful, this soup is made with tomatoes and bread and is excellent both as an appetizer or as a main course.

A fresh and tasty dish, panzanella is made with softened bread, slices of raw tomato, onion and basil, all sprinkled with oil, vinegar and salt.

Pappardelle with hare or boar
Typical long and fat pasta, the Pappardella goes perfectly with a meat sauce of hare or wild boar.

Rocchini celery sauce
Small balls of fried celery and seasoned sauce (usually duck or rabbit), can be served as a side dish or as a  main course.

Beans with sage
Beans, oil, sage, garlic and chopped tomatoes are the ingredients of this "poor" only apparently dish.

T-bone steak
High-cut and grilled, the Florentine steak is served rare, dressed simply with oil, salt and pepper.

Chestnut cake
Sweet chestnut flour, cooked with oil is garnished with rosemary and pine nuts.

Pancakes of St. Joseph
Fluffy and sprinkled with sugar, pancakes combine the sweet taste of milk, the consistency of rice and flour.

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