The Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista
The Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista is located in the oldest urban core of the country.
Built on the ruins of an earlier Roman teaching, the Parish Church of Cavriglia is one of the oldest of Valdarno. Remembered, according to some scholars, in documents of the year one thousand, the church is documented in 1053 in an act of donation in favor of Badia a Coltibuono and in 1103 was named in a bull of Pope Paschal I.
The Parish is of great importance and at the end of the thirteenth century has twelve suffragan churches, including San Lorenzo of Montevarchi, San Clemente of Pian Alberti, today's San Giovanni Valdarno, and the mysterious church of San Bartolommeo of Guadalupa, which is not been possible to locate.
Few are the Romanesque structures remain to this day: the apse and outer walls; the bell tower is instead of the modern era. On the lunette above the entrance door is a glazed a terracotta sculpture refers to the workshop of Buglioli depicting San Giovannino in the desert. The work seems to date back to the early sixteenth century. Inside, the church presents itself divided into three naves separated by pillars with a square base. The decorations and frescoes are related to the late eighteenth century when the building undergoes a marked restoration work at the behest of the priest Francis Burlagli Moncioni.
There are numerous paintings on canvas of the seventeenth century. Funny the Beheading of the Baptist: placed above the altar after the restoration, it was painted by Ciacci (XVIII sec.), reproducing a work of Giovanni da San Giovanni kept in the museum of the Basilica of San Giovanni Valdarno. Also to note the ovals representing scenes of life of the Baptist, attributed to the painter from Arezzo Ricci (XVIII sec.).

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