The old statutes
The first statutes of the community of Montaio, come down to our days, dating from the late fourteenth century. There were set very democratic rules, if we consider the historical period, to ensure representation in the small village, although at the time there were political privileges too. So a provision of the statute stated, for example, immunity to the councilors of the Municipality of Montaio when persecuted for debt. Apart from these privileges, there were also measures to ensure the maximum participation in public affairs.
Until the mid-eighteenth century attended to the meetings the representatives of the Great Council, of the Minor Council and 48 men belonging to the families that made up the community. In 1763, the Reformers of the statutes of the Montaio town meant the end of equal political rights, by placing a limit eligibility according to the census: no one with less than 5 money valuation of land could be part of the Council.

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