The drawings of Ugo Signorini
In the ancient church of Santa Cristina in Meleto, who is today the unmistakable style of the seventeenth century, next to paintings of the twentieth century and paintings from the seventeenth there are four cartoons that the artist Ugo Signorini (Florence, 1935 - 1999) created as a preparatory study for of glass ever made. The drawings, of considerable size, made of charcoal, depicting the Christ, St. John the Baptist, St. Anthony of Padua and the Samaritan woman. These works were donated to the church by the family that loved to spend here at Meleto his moments of relaxation. Ugo Signorini was an artist appreciated all over Italy: its stained glass windows are by Cosimo in Conegliano Veneto, via the Vatican and the seal of the President of the Republic of San Rossore in Versilia.

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