With the arrival of spring, Cavriglia begins to be populated by tourists. The fine weather allows you to organize outdoor activities, culinary festivals and sports festivals.

Pancakes Festival
(3rd Sunday in March) This event is held in Vacchereccia, with the setting up of booths for the sale of frittelle - typical sweet of the period and the area - and other food stalls.
Spring Festival
(21st March) Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni greets the spring with a full program of cultural, culinary and sporting events in the open air, welcoming visitors with food and various kinds stalls.

Snail gravy Festival
(25th April and 1st May) At the stage of Cavriglia, you can enjoy for the whole day, in a relaxation and fun atmosphere, this exquisite and refined dish.

Labor Day
(1st May) This important day, celebrated throughout Italy, is remembered in Cavriglia with a series of initiatives: a fishing contest in Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni, a "miner's marathon" in Cavriglia, a party linked to the themes of work in Vacchereccia.
The Colors of the Wind - Kite Festival
(3rd Sunday) At the airfield at Valle al Pero, children and adults can spend a day outdoors between ultralight kites, tasty snacks and test flights in the sky of cavrigliese May.
Sport Festival
(4th Sunday) In Neri, for the entire week, are organized sport, cultural and gastronomic events, with the goal of spending days in joy and movement.

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