Route 8: Romanesque Art
In town Neri, a crossroads that starts from S.P. 14 delle Miniere enables us to reach the church of San Pancrazio, rural church from the singular history. Mentioned in documents of the eleventh century, the church, characterized by a crypt and a curious asymmetry of the apse, might have even older origins.
In the apse is a fresco depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints Lorenzo and Pancrazio.
Returning to the provincial road near the village of Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni is a detour that climbs up to the small cluster of rural Casignano. Here stands a lovely Romanesque church and you can enjoy a landscape whose beauty does not diminish the seasons to change his.
In the vicinity of the modern conurbation of Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni, through SP 14 delle Miniere, is a branch which, rising in the hills above the village, leads to the old rural village of Casignano.
The eighteenth-century farmhouse has been restored and the current owners, who must recognize the commitment to safeguarding and enhancement of a small jewel of Romanesque architecture: the church dedicated to San Lorenzo.
Arriving on site the traveler faces the apse of this ancient place of worship. Turning around the building you find that a few meters away are still visible, embedded in a fully restored, the traces of another very old building. This is a "hospital" for pilgrims, this too of medieval origin. Although restored to residential use, the structure still retains its charm and is evidence of some acquaintance, in the distant past, this road, by the Chianti Mountains, led to the Valdarno. Although Casignano now looks like a typical medieval origin is much older.
The name and sporadic finds of ceramic materials confirm the existence of a settlement from the Roman era. Continuing along the road that goes towards the Chianti and following the directions of the path 29 of the CAI, you can reach the Natural Park of Cavriglia.

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