Route 7: Contemporary Art
II cavrigliese path through contemporary art starts from the Town Hall. Built in the early 30s of last century, the Town Hall, while still maintaining its institutional function, has become a small art gallery where there are works by contemporary artists from Valdarno and beyond.
Already in the Town Hall garden welcomes us a unique marble work of Carlo Mengozzi, Stone of Light (2000), while at the facade of the building stands an important mosaic: the Motherhood (1996, mosaic, 50x97), performed with his unmistakable style by Venturino Venturi.
At the entrance, there are four bas-reliefs in terra-cotta pottery, Four Boys Playing, by the sculptress Dodi Bertolotti Rezzoli.
The whole of the Town Hall, in the hall advisors, is an imposing, evocative tones: Cavriglia, Valdarno Found (1997, mixed media on canvas, 180x200), work with which Giuliano Pini wanted to witness the affection for this land and leave an indelible mark of a prolific period in Cavriglia. Numerous other works adorn the interior of the palace, among them the big picture of Nicola Pagallo Forms in Blue (1990, acrylic), exposed in the council chamber, two paintings by Roberto Mini – by Mini you can admire Focal Lights of Life (2003 , oil on canvas, 185x330) at the Theatre - the original map of the territory by Antonella Jacopozzi and the odd statue by Martha Martini, not to mention the works by Bacci, Staderini, Sturla, Tosi, Torrini and others.
The excursus in the art of the '900 continues with the visit, the nearby village of Montegonzi, to the war memorial signed by the artist Carlo Minatti and with a picture by Sergio Traquandi work Cypress 1. The cypress, which welcomes those arriving to Cavriglia from Chinatigiana SR 408, is corten steel and stainless steel mirror, has a height of 8 meters and weighs 2500 kilograms. It 'was released in 2004.
The path in contemporary art ends in Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni in Piazza Pertini, where you can admire the large mural (1992, acrylic painting, length 76 meters, area 305 square meters) and the War Memorial of Resistance (1985, iron box, 260x120), both signed by Venturino Venturi and dedicated to the martyrs of the massacres of 1944.

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