Route 5: Memory Places
Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni, Meleto, Massa, Le Matole. A path not to forget the horrors of war and the more than 200 citizens of Cavriglia, innocent victims, murdered in 1944, retreating Nazi army. Piazza Pertini at Castelnuovo, with the great wall of 74 meters and the sculpture "man hovering" by Venturino Venturi, was created to commemorate the massacres and the struggles of the miners.
From the square you can go to the shrine that stands in the place where it happened the shooting of unarmed civilians, then to the Memorial of Le Matole and then up towards Massa chapel where also a priest was stabbed to death. From here, moving northward, one arrives at Meleto, at the country that paid a high toll in human life, where the artist Pasquini, with a massive sculptural work, wanted to represent, next to the shrine to the fallen, the agony of these people to step the war.
In all the barnyards of Meleto where, in retaliation, innocent citizens were shot and burned, the sculptor Lippi has placed his original works to foster the emergence of a culture of peace as the only deter ¬ cant at the madness of war: the sail of the Good Death (1999, bronze and marble, 70x50x42) - Melani Hague, the Dying Sky's Terz'Aia (1999, bronze and steel, H170) - Hague Rossini, Saint John the Baptist (1999, bronze, 62x24x14) - Hague Benini.

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