Route 3: The "flavors" of Cavriglia
The hillside that slopes toward the valley of the Arno maintains, still, a wine vocation.
The local wine has a great tradition and some important productions, attracting the attention of passionate of the "nectar of Bacchus" for the quality of their proposals. But there is another plant that binds to the Cavriglia territory cavrigliese: the olive tree. The extra virgin olive oil from these areas is one of the best in Tuscany. To conclude the overview of "flavors" of Cavriglia must remember honey, jams, fruit and cheeses, which in recent years have been very exploited thanks to the work by local restaurateurs who have gained a wide audience offering typical dishes of local cuisine.
The journey to discover the flavors of Cavriglia starts from the Estate of San Jacopo Castiglioni, along SR 408 Chiantigiana, where you can taste wines and olive oil of excellent quality, then continues in direction Gaiole in Chianti - Badia a Coltibuono, and it stops at Poggi del Chianti Farm in Locality Morellino (35.500 km); from Cavriglia towards Neri, you can taste the oil of the Agricultural Villa Teresa or a snack at the Azienda Agricola San Pancrazio, near the parish church, enjoying the meats and homemade bread, all accompanied with good wine and oil.
Finally, the view is worth a Casignano Farm Village, in the area of Castelnuovo dei Sabbioni, that the beauty of the place combining the goodness and wholesomeness of its products. For cheese lovers, there is in San Cipriano Dairy Mesina.

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