Meleto valdarno
Meleto is an ancient village on the north side of Cavriglia, facing west of the township, which it is  mentioned in documents from 970 AD,  it is mentioned in a donation of the Grand Marquis Count Ugo di Toscana to the Abbey, which he founded over Poggibonsi.

 In the first document, the people of Meleto lived around a church - San Rossino and Santa Cristina - belonging to  Gaville. The country stands on the Pian d'Avane, beside what was Pianfranzese, of the family Franzesi.The presence of a "hospital" for pilgrims in the  road linking the village with the nearby castle of Barberino suggests that the site was  placed inside a road network quite popular in the medieval times. The track that from the heights of Meleto and Pianfranzese heads to the hills of Chianti, however, must have more ancient origins.

The hills surrounding this village before the excavation of lignite was already inhabited in Roman times; the same name "Meleto" seems to  derived from Latin and indicates the presence of the local fruit trees, apple trees . Also interesting is the hypothesis about the origin of the name "Barberino" with which it was identified the Castle, then transformed into a villa-farm and today in a Hotel.

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