Massa dei Sabbioni
The farm of Massa Sabbioni with its adjoining parish church of San Pietro entered in the chronicles of the history of Florence since the beginning of the sixteenth century when Pope Leo X, on 1515, inserted it between the properties of the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. properties in this farm were very large and also included the rural village of Colle where there was also a small church dedicated to St. Michael and that of Macie.

 However, the origin of Massa dei Sabbioni is much older than in the Church of San Pietro, it  appeared, in 1299, among those dependent on Pieve di San Pancrazio, like that of San Michele in Colle. Today Massa is a small, quaint and scenic village, developed along the road leading to the Natural Park of Cavriglia.
On the facade of the church of San Pietro it is however possible to see an old coat, worn by the time, which reminds us of the membership of this building to the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova. Inside the building there is a beautiful reliquary wall manufacturing robbiana and oil paiting, recently restored, entitled The Miracle of the Snow, of the School of Matteo Rosselli (-XVII XVI century).

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