Blessed Berta
Born in 1106 in Florence or near the Castle of Vernio, the blessed Berta came of age in the Benedictine Vallombrosan monastery of Santa Felicita in Florence and here was notated for the great sanctity demonstrated. In 1153, the general of Vallombrosan Order, Blessed Gualdo Gualdi, chose Berta to entrust the task to reform the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria in Cavriglia. Under her leadership, the monastery of Cavriglia flourished spiritually and numerically. After ten years as abbess, presumably in 1163, during Lent, had perceptions of the end of her earthly life.

On Holy Thursday she participated in the solemn liturgy, washing the feet of her sisters, on Friday participated with great fervor to the rites of the Cross and Holy and on Saturday, the sisters gathered, admonished them to remain united in prayer and charity, and died during the night . Her body was buried under the altar of the church of Cavriglia.
Proclaimed patroness of the City (14th May 1814), is celebrated and commemorated each year on the first Sunday in August.

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