For many reasons, this is perhaps one of the best times to visit Cavriglia: spent the summer heat, the weather is usually still nice and the days are still long. The country slowly changes its colors and warm tones of autumn in the hills that dominate Cavriglia frame.
Dinner in late summer
(1st September) A long table in the main street of the Massa dei Sabbioni to greet the summer that goes with typical and tasty local dishes.
Feast of the cake with grapes
(2nd Sunday) To the food stands in the square of Neri to enjoy this traditional dessert in the tradition of vintage, music and folkloric events come together to remember the divine nectar of Bacchus.
Forgiveness Feast in San Cipriano
(3rd Sunday) Last village festival, that of San Cipriano salutes with its many food stalls the arrival of autumn.

Mushrooms Festival
(2nd Sunday) Organized to the Camping Plan Orlando (Natural Park of Cavriglia), the Mushroom Festival offers the opportunity for lovers of this dish season to taste different and delicious recipes.
Autumnia in flight
(3rd Sunday) To the Chief of Flight of Valle al Pero, air play and colors entertain adults and children in this autumn Sunday.

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